Lawsuits, liens, real estate transcations and new businesses for June 18

Reading, PA —


Blue Cloud Consultants LLC, Reading, was sued for debt collection by American Express National Bank, Salt Lake City, UT, for the amount of $48,826.47 plus interests and cost of the suit. Docket No. 1912423. May 30.



Yellow House Crossing Inc., 54 Glenview Drive, Fleetwood. Docket No. 1912522, $1,780.10, 962 Texter Mountain Road, Robesonia. Docket No. 1912566, $435.90

Carl R. Bieber Inc., PO Box 180, Kutztown. Docket No. 1212102, $8,238.97

Real estate transactions

Aaron Booher and Candace Marie Booher to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., 504 Meadowcrest Lane, Amity Township, $259,900.

Beverly A. Melcher to Lilliput Properties LLC, 622 Main St., Bally, $250,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Capstone Property Partners II LLC, 531 E. Main St., Birdsboro, $51,015.

3227 Perkiomen LLC to G&B Investments LLC, 3227 Perkiomen Ave., Exeter Township, $830,000.

Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC to HWGA Realty LP, 761 Pineland Road, Exeter Township, $150,000.

Empire Group of Reading Pa. Inc. to Garner Properties LLC, 29-4 Wister Way, Exeter Township, $135,000.

Jonathan Fabian and Derek E. Holland to Noorvik LLC, 35-5 Mount Pine Terrace, Exeter Township, $148,000.

The Sheriff of Berks County to Wingspread Community Services Association, 29 Warwick Court, Exeter Township, $1,898.

Hamburg Development LP to Hamburg School Partnership LLC, 690 State St., Hamburg, $900,000.

Richard S. Willingmyre and Darcie L. Willingmyre to Randeb Property and Maintenance Inc., 3401 Kutztown Road, Laureldale, $254,000.

Brandi L. Fatkin to MFV Ventures LLC, 3201 Montrose Ave., Laureldale, $150,000.

Benjamin A. Reisinger to New Century Properties LP, 142 E. Wall St., Leesport, $162,500.

Discovery Homes Inc. to SMM Holdings LLC, 334 Old Topton Road, Longswamp Township, $215,000.

Leonard J. Giambalvo and Janie L. Giambalvo to Grande Land LP, 7 Merganser Drive, Lower Heidelberg Township, $120,000.

Susan Werner to JDF Real Estate LLC, 109 W. Wyomissing Ave., Mohnton, $95,000.

Mark H. Weaver to ClaRe Inc., 5012 Kutztown Road, Muhlenberg Township, $39,300.

Lamar Advertising of Penn LLC and Land Displays Inc. to TLC Properties Inc., 2824 Fifth Street Highway, Muhlenberg Township, $11,520.

The Angelina M. Parzanese estate to Nashi Nushi LLC, 1741 Centre Ave., $59,900.

Phone Nhatavong to Laplace Owner Finance LLC, 911 Buttonwood St., $41,100.

Jason C. Fox and Denise Fox to Grandmas Homes LLC, 1006 Cotton St., $26,000.

Lamar Advertising of Penn LLC and Land Displays Inc. to TLC Properties Inc., Morgantown Road, $52,720.

Carl R. Burkholder Jr. to KCLC Properties LLC, 20 S. 10th St., $59,000.

Federico Fermin to Laksha Ventures LLC, 808 Franklin St., $110,000.

Yvonne M. Jones to L&S Equity LLC, 740 N. Third St., $87,200.

Ahsan Anwar Usmani to RMF Investments LLC, 1330 Locust St., $45,667.

Ahsan Anwar Usmani to RMF Investments LLC, 1515 Moss St., $45,667.

A.W. Golden Inc. to Reading City Investments LLC, 733 Lancaster Ave. and 141 Hancock Blvd., $1,700,000.

Steven D. Rath and Sheri S. Rath to Bradshaw RE Holdings LLC, 756 Lance Place, 743 Lance Place and 724 Lance Place, $67,500.

Dean Palaferro and Linda Palaferro to Lysette Ramos Md. LLC, 2209 Quarry Drive A11, Spring Township, $124,000.

Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Golden Trail Partners LLC, 6 Tanner St., Tulpehocken Township, $75,000.

Av8tor Enterprises LLC to I-78 Exit 3 Fuel Stop Inc., 7646 Lancaster Ave., Tulpehocken Township, $340,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Remodeling Real Estate LLC, 36 School St., Union Township, $29,500.

The Steven J. Weller, Anita M. Weller and Victoria E. Benfield estate to Treichler Enterprises Ltd., 1340 Route 100, Washington Township, $122,000.

The Sheriff of Berks County to Wells Fargo Bank NA and First Franklin Mortgage Loan Trust 2006-FF15, 712 Christopher Drive, Wyomissing, $70,000.

HSBC Bank USA NA and Renaissance Home Equity Loan Trust 2006-4 to Perking Financial LLC, 416 Oley St., Wyomissing, $67,725.

David J. Greif and Susan L. Greif to Alvarium Healthcare Inc., 940 Schoffers Road, Exeter Township, $340,000.

Highland Real Estate Group LLC to JACZ Associates LLC, 1715 Elizabeth Ave., Laureldale, $75,000.

Helen R. Good to Prospectus Associates Inc., 3308 Oak St., Laureldale, $174,900.

Northridge Development Associates to Witty Real Estate LLC, Wolfe Lane parcel, Mohnton, $551.

Douglas Hayward to Giles Properties LLC, 4919 Eighth Ave., Muhlenberg Township, $15,500.

Berks61 LLC to Berks61 Owner LLC, 4030 Pottsville Pike, Muhlenberg Township, $2,273,884.

The Helen C. Tyner estate to GK Land Group LP, 1431 Birch St., $75,000.

Fidel A. Farguharson to Pana LLC, 119 S. Eighth St., $12,000.

BMI Properties LP to Pagoda Real Estate LLC, 1355-A N. Ninth St., $20,000.

John Walsh and Aaron Headen Jr. to ClaRe Inc., 529 McKnight St., $20,000.

Robert D. Marchut to Izzy Holdings LLC, 1341 N. 12th St., $35,000.

Pierre Francillon and Marlene Francillon to HGKG Properties LLC, 422 Windsor St., $119,000.

The Frederick S. Kuczala estate to Petramark Limited, 536 S. 14th St., $30,000.

Martha C. Wade and Abraham Casallas to VSEM Properties LLC, 23 S. Second St., $46,000.

Michael D. Parenti and Tara A. Parenti to M&T Real Estate LLC, 1653 Cotton St., $32,000.

Phone Nhatavong to Laplace Owner Finance LLC, 1041 Buttonwood St., $72,000.

Nazeh J. Tadros, the Madlene Tadros estate and Nabila Tadros to JLM Real Estate Investments LLC, 44 Farmers Drive, Richmond Township, $475,000.

Salvatore Anzalone and Judy Ann Anzalone to ARC Realty LLC, 2005 Regency Drive, Wyomissing, $860,000.

The Brigham Family Real Estate Trust to JBG Childrens 1991 Trust FBO Trexler Light Goodman and Trexler Light Goodman, 1222 Monroe Ave., Wyomissing, $1,300,000.

METRODEV VII LP to Hofmann LLC, Hillvale Avenue Lot, Spring Township and Sinking Spring, $10.

New Business Registrations

Good Life Integrative Health Institute LLC, 2395 Lancaster Pike, healthy lifestyle training

Bastidas Interprice LLC, 3843 N. Alabama Ave., buy and sell real estate

MC Towing & Recovery LLC, 1046 Rick Road, towing services, road services

Zion Hill Exotics LLC, 7448 Stein Road, Hereford Township, rare and exotic reptile and amphibian sales

Jay Marshall Properties LLC, 1210 Brooke Blvd., Kenhorst, real estate

Benner Deer Fence LLC, 1204 State St., Longswamp Township, sales and install fences

Evolution Softball, 10 Corporate Blvd., Spring Township, private lessons and coaching for softball players

Go Green Get Clean Power Washing LLC, 371 Oakbrook Drive, Robeson Township, power washing services

Chuckie D’s BBQ LLC, 730 Rock Hollow Road, Robeson Township, mobile food service

VirtualTechLink, 1410 Independence Drive, Whitfield, provides consulting and education services

Dona Maria Warehouse Inc., 815 Evergreen Drive, Spring Township, warehousing groceries

D&B Elite Custom LLC, 8 Morgan Drive, Spring Township, building and construction

James Real Estate LLC, 225 Maple Drive, Tilden Township, real estate

Commonwealth Auto Tags and Notary Services LLC, 1336 East Main St., Suite 100, Union Township, auto tags and notary services

Kinetic Faith LLC, 2703 Merritt Parkway, Whitfield, advocacy organization

Stone Spring Events LLC, 802 Mountain Road, Windsor Township, wedding and event venue

Pam and Sam LLC, 34 Timberline Drive, Wyomissing, real estate

Biven Dental PC, 1425 Penn Ave., Wyomissing, dentist

Adbox LLC, 524 Barnhardt Way, Wyomissing, marketing advertising

Scott Michael Properties LLC, 507 Elm Ave., real estate

1014 East 211 Street LLC, 619 Spruce St., real estate

JM Family Investors LLC, 3000 Daniel Drive, rental and real estate

118 Church Street LLC, 1617 Bern St., real estate

La Bodega Group LLC, 952 Penn St., retail store

Novas Sonic Star Products Inc., 1123 N. Fifth St., wholesale agent and broker

Holystones LLC, 227 Pine Forge Road, Amity Township, gas station and mini mart

Another Dream LLC, 961 N. Reading Ave., Colebrookdale Township, real estate

Sprauting Up Daycare LLC, 1504 King St., Laureldale, day care

Gotwals Properties LLC, 447 Mine Lane, Oley Township, real estate

Freedom Outdoors Club LLC, 34 Carriage Circle, Oley Township, e-commerce

Grey Matter Ink LLC, 4056 Penn Ave., Sinking Spring, retail tattoo products and services

Molly Hottenstein Orthodontics PLLC, 1555 Reading Boulevard, Wyomissing, dentistry

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