Pilot program for homeless gets them into school and into the work field

2/8/2018 – SALT LAKE CITY, Utah(News4Utah) People who are desperately looking for work are getting some help in Salt Lake City. City leaders and others are currently in the middle of the pilot training program to help people get back on their feet. Lara Fritts, Director of Salt Lake City Economic Development, and Zac Pau’u, Deputy Director of the Housing Authority of Salt Lake City, joined Brian Carlson to explain how it works.

Fritts says this pilot framing work training program has been in the making for nearly six months, and it’s not something that could have been by one single agency. She says their incredible partners include: Salt Lake Community College(SLCC), Catholic Community Services of Utah, Department of Workforce Services, and the Utah Transit Authority.

This program was a result of innovation and creativity in trying to solve the issue of homelessness
and workforce needs in SLC.

As for how it works, they’ve accepted 12 candidates currently experiencing homelessness, and provide them with free housing for up to six months. They are enrolled in SLCC’s framing program (since there is such a high demand for workforce in
the construction industry).

These students have been in class and getting hands-on training for the last month. 8 of the 12 students completed the course just this week. They will continue to receive their free housing for another five months, as long as they have

Fritts and Pau’u says they’re happy to announce that at least half of those that completed that program have pending job offers with a local construction company. All of the students will continue to work with case managers through DWS to ensure their success.

Together, they also have some processes in place to set students and homeless up for success as they transition into their permanent housing in a few months.

Fritts says they are also happy to announce that they have received funding from Morgan Stanley and other sources to continue this program! The next steps for the Department of Economic Development and and the Housing Authority of of SLC and their partners, is to get together and debrief, allowing them to move forward with this program efficiently with some refinements.

Fore more information, visit the Department of Economic Development or the Housing Authority of SLC, visit SLCGov.com/Economic-Development, or HASLCUTAH.org.

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